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BPTO publishes Action Plan 2021.

Following to the launch of National Strategy of Intellectual Property (ENPI), the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) published the 21’ Action Plan, containing several actions related to its annual planning and connected with its strategic and institutional goals, which prioritize the increase of resident participation at creation and protection of IP assets.

The Plan contains 5 action fronts:

 ·      optimization of time, quality and legal certainty on granting or promotion of Intellectual Property right registrations;

·      fostering the creation of economic assets derivative of knowledge and creativity into monetizable IP;

·      integration of Brazil as winner country into the international IP system;

·      achievement of an excellence level in business management; and

·      promotion of development, professional growth, wellness and search for excellence by BPTO staff.

 Among the performance goals and initiatives, BPTO intends to:

  • increase the filing of patent applications to 27%, when compared to 2020;
  • increase the filing of trademark applications to 31%, when compared to 2020;
  • lower the patent backlog in 80%, as previously planned at the launch of Backlog Combat Plan in 2019;
  • decide priority examination requests in 12 months; and
  • join the Budapest Treaty and Hague Agreement.

More information can be obtained in the link:

The Action Plan INPI 2021 can be obtained (in Portuguese) in the link: