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Ministry of Economy launches the National Strategy of Intellectual Property.

During the 50th anniversary  ceremony of the Brazilian Patent and  Trademark Office (BPTO), held on December 11th, the Ministry of Economy launched the document entitled “National Strategy of Intellectual Property” (ENPI). Its goal is to provide an effective National System of Intellectual Property, capable of stimulate creativity and investments in innovation, in order to foster competition and the Brazilian socio economic development.

Said document has been prepared by the Interministerial Group of Intellectual Property (GIPI) and includes some contributions made by the society (especially private sector).With more than 210 actions capable of transforming the national intellectual property system, the ENPI acts in 7 areas:

  1. Intellectual Property for Competition and Development;
  2. Spreading, Training and Qualification in IP;
  3. Governance and Institutional Strengthening;
  4. Update of Legal Milestones;
  5. Compliance and Legal Certainty;
  6. Intelligence and Vision of Future; and
  7. Entry of Brazil into the IP Global System.

The actions proposed in ENPI will be organized at biannual Action Plans, aiming to effective implementation, monitoring and eventual adjustments along the process. The release of first Action Plan is expectedto occur in the first half of 2021.

More information may be obtained at:

The National Strategy of Intellectual Property is available (in Portuguese) at: