With expert knowledge and outstanding credibility across all fields of Intellectual Property, we are constantly striving to improve our service

Murta Goyanes Advogados works in all fields of Intellectual Property. We provide our clients with personalized services attendant on their own history, needs and expectations. With more than 30 years of experience, our partners are committed to overseeing every case, and our work style yields the best results. We strive to deliver efficient and tailored services at a reasonable price to all clients entrusting their intangible assets to our firm.
Our professionals are qualified and resourceful. We make an integrated team, cohesive in concepts and practice. We are experts that participate fully in the process, ready for any situation, regardless of its complexity and scope.

Since its founding back in 2008, Murta Goyanes Advogados was engineered with the structure and professional capacity required in a complex and ever-changing global reality. All partners have international experience and, thanks to our worldwide business network, we render services in more than 150 countries.

We manage IP portfolios diligently and have always cherished our client relationship. We take the interests of our professionals as the firm’s: we act together as a single entity. We promote creativity and innovation as core values in counseling clients from various industries like technology, pharmaceuticals, fashion, entertainment, and media.

In sum, we cultivate a chef’s spirit. First and foremost, a chef is a distinguished professional who invested in his vocation and who dedicates himself to master his work with all energy and passion. No matter how successful he is, a good chef never leaves the kitchen. He leads the team, tastes every dish, adjusts, re-orientate. He only leaves the kitchen to check if the salon service is delivering the best customer experience.

As our 15th anniversary is near, we come to the realization that we could not have been more precise in defining our commitments. Being acknowledged in the main rankings and, more importantly, by our clients, gives us the assurance that we can grow faithful to our original purpose and that we create solid foundations to keep evolving for the next decades.

Awards and recognitions

Murta Goyanes Advogados is ranked in the most renowed IP and Media & Entertainment publications of the world. We are very pleased to have achieved these recognitions, based not only on the quality of our legal services, but also on the ability to develop customized strategies for each client.


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