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The “Ronald McDonald Show”, promoted in schools in São Paulo, is considered an illegal practice of advertising for children

The Special Chamber of the São Paulo Court of Justice agreed with the lower court’s decision that recognized the illegality of the “Ronald McDonald Show”, promoted by the fast food chain McDonald’s in nurseries and early childhood schools in the state1.

The judges decided, unanimously, that the publicity promoted by Mc Donald’s constituted advertising directed at children, and not merely an educational activity.

The “Children and Consumption” Program of the Alana Institute, which reported the case and acts as amicus curiae in the lawsuit, conducted a research in 2013 about the number of presentations with the clown Ronald Mcdonald in just one month. The program’s lawyer stated: “The shows were starring the company’s mascot character at the time and the fast food’s logo appeared all the time on the scene. This demonstrates that it was not a neutral proposal, but that there was a notorious commercial interest behind the supposed educational content presented.”

According to the decision, McDonald’s is prohibited from performing shows in schools in São Paulo, under penalty of a fine of R$ 100,000 per event.

1Lawsuit No. 1127739-71.2016.8.26.0100