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The Brazilian Central Bureau for Collection and Distribution (ECAD) announced discount in the collection of copyright royalties for concerts and events

Ecad has announced that the concerts and events sectors will have a temporary discount, until December 2021, in the payment of royalties over compositions, literary-musical works and phonograms, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The initiative of Ecad and other collective management associations (Abramus, Amar, Assim, Sbacem, Sicam, Socinpro and UBC) aims to contribute to the recovery of the concert and events market, significantly affected by the pandemic and measures of social isolation    . According to Ecad, since March of this year, six thousand monthly events have been suspended, what indicates a significant drop in the entertainment industry in Brazil.

According to Ecad, only customers who are up to date with the payment of copyright royalties will be entitled to the temporary discount, applicable to events held from August 2020.

All criteria and more information about the special discount can be obtained on Ecad´s official website: