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The BPTO shows its 2023-2026 Strategic Plan to the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (‘MDIC’)

On May 15, 2023, the interim president of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (‘BPTO’), Júlio César Moreira, and its directors met with the chief of staff of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (‘MDIC’) to present the programmed actions and goals that will be carried out through the Strategic Plan 2023 to 2026, published under Ordinance nº 10/2023, aiming at the commitment with quality and agility on the decision of the applications, as well as consolidating the active role of the BPTO in the National system of innovation.

The Plan covers the following objects:

 • Optimizing quality and agility in granting and registering industrial property rights, achieving performance standards of international reference;

• Promoting culture and strategic use of industrial property for competitiveness, innovation and development in Brazil;

• Consolidating Brazil’s insertion as a protagonist in the international industrial property system;

• Raising awareness and recognition of the BPTO’s value to society;

• Deepening digital transformation focused on improving performance and customer service;

• Ensuring sustainable financing for modernization and expansion of service delivery capacity;

• Ensuring the recomposition and retention of the workforce sized to meet a growing demand and sustain high performance in the provision of services;

• Providing cost-effective, efficient and sustainable logistics and infrastructure support; and

• Improving governance and management practices, and institutional relationships.

 The English version of the Strategic Plan is available here. If you need further information on this matter, please contact us at We will be glad to assist you.