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Marcelo Goyanes will join the panel “Future of VOD” during RioMarket 2023

Next Friday, October 6th, at 12pm, our partner Marcelo Goyanes will join the panel “Future of VOD” with the lawyer Paulo Soares, and Fabio Lima, CEO of Sofa The panel will take place during RioMarket 2023, the market event of the Rio Film Festival, which runs from October 4 to 13, in Rio de Janeiro.

Companies from several segments, including TV channels, distributors, streaming services, and producers will participate. The program includes lectures, workshops and round table discussions, which allows the exchange of information and knowledge and business opportunities for executives, producers, and players of the audiovisual market.

RioMarket 2023 will take place at Rua do Russel, 76, Glória, RJ. For more information visit