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Luiza Duarte Pereira comments on the changes in INPI’s administration in an article published by WTR   

The sudden change in INPI’s leadership positions was the topic of a WTR publicationand Luiza Duarte Pereira, partner of Murta Goyanes Advogados, was invited to comment on her expectations for the new management. She pointed out that the previous administration has shown a significant change in INPI’s mindset, improving the protection of industrial property and, consequently, fostering innovation. 

We have experienced great results from the execution of INPI’s plan to tackle the patent backlog, the regulation of position marks and studies in favor of the recognition of secondary meaning in Brazil. Although the new president of INPI has not yet been appointed, we certainly hope for the preservation and continuity of this good work, including support for the bills of law that provide for INPI’s financial autonomy, which is an old demand from the industry”, says Luiza. 

The removal of president Cláudio Vilar Furtado, executive director Tania Cristina Lopes Ribeiro, and head of the trademark office Felipe Augusto Melo de Oliveira, was promoted by president Lula. After publication of the article, Júlio César Moreira was appointed interim president of INPI.