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Infringing gaming website, RomUniverse, is sued by Nintendo.

Nintendo claimed indemnity for damages of approximately US$ 15 million to RomUniverse website owner, Matthew Storman, in a lawsuit involving violations of intellectual property rights filed in a US court. Of the amount required by the plaintiff, US$ 4.41 million refers to copyright violations, and US$ 11.2 million to trademark infringements.

Nintendo pleads that Matthew Storman’s website would make numerous games available to the public illegally, having reached 300,000 downloads of Nintendo Switch games and 500,000 on Nintendo 3DS. Each premium account at RomUniverse would earn the defendant US$ 30.

The accused site is said to have gone offline after the lawsuit was filed by Nintendo, which is also seeking apreliminaryinjunction to determine the destruction of pirated copies of games by Storman. The defendant claims that its website would not violate laws. However, Nintendo not only disagrees with such a statement but accuses the defendant of destroying relevant procedural evidence.The case is awaiting a court decision.

More information is available, in Portuguese, at:,2907c1ff4cc5b9e201e3759232e83383dc3ba0yo.html