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Hot Topic – Symbols and trademarks of the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF)

According to a recent decision¹ issued by the 2nd Business Court of Rio de Janeiro, the manufacture, distribution, display and sale of clothing articles, as well as any other product that refers to the symbols and trademarks of the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF), without authorization, constitutes unfair competition and trademark infringement.

In this case, CBF filed a lawsuit against a company that manufactured and sold retro shirts, arguing that the defendant sold clothes with symbols and layouts that were used by the Brazilian Soccer Team over the years, without CBF’s authorization.

The court granted a preliminary injunction ordering defendant from manufacturing and selling such t-shirts, under penalty of a daily fine of approximately USD 33,000 in case of non-compliance, until a final decision is rendered. The court held that the company’s practice amounted to trademark infringement and unfair competition with those companies who obtained a license agreement from CBF.


¹ Lawsuit No. 0135979-96.2018.8.19.0001