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Brazilian National Film Agency´s Regulatory Agenda for 2021/2022.

The BRAZILIAN NATIONAL FILM AGENCY (ANCINE) published its proposed Regulatory Agenda for 2021/2022. The document, which sets forth the strategic matters that will be addressed by ANCINE within the coming years, providing predictability to the sector about future decisions and allowing society, in general, to monitor ANCINE’s performance.

 Among other issues listed in the agenda, is the review of rules that regulates Pay TV activity. Even though these rules have been the subject of previous deliberations by ANCINE’s board of directors, the inclusion of this matter on the agenda indicates ANCINE’s interest in continuing to foster discussions on the topic. According to the Regulatory Agenda, ANCINE also intends to regulate the use of public resources to foster audiovisual works with the first exhibition in the Video on Demand segment. The Regulatory Agenda will remain in Public Consultation until January 11, 2021. More information is available at