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BPTO recognizes that the mark NEOSORO is well-known

On August 11, 2020, the BPTO granted the status of famous mark to the mark NEOSORO, confirming (1) that the mark is recognized by a large portion of the Brazilian public in general; (2) the quality, reputation and prestige that the Brazilian public in general associates with the mark and the products it designates; and, (3) the degree of distinctiveness and exclusivity of the mark.

The recognition of a famous mark status affords special protection to the mark, in all fields of activities, which constitutes an exception to the principle of specialty.

Therefore, the mark NEOSORO is now protected in all market segments, preventing third parties from obtaining registrations for identical or similar marks, even if to identify different products or services.

With the BPTO’s decision, the mark becomes part of the select group of Brazilian famous marks, such as Havaianas, Coca-Cola, Youtube, Barbie and Flamengo.

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