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BPTO publishes a new edition of decisions on patent appeals.

The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) published the fourth edition of the compilation of decisions on patent appeals, with 723 decisions rendered in 2020, which guide the technical positioning on patents.

This is the first edition with decisions supported by the BPTO’s Board of Directors of Patents, Computer Software, and. Integrated Circuits Topography (DIRPA), in addition to those of the BPTO’s Board of Appeals (CGREC).

This new edition gathers decisions about relevant issues, such as the division of applications at the appellate stage, appeals as re-examination of subject matter, non-patentable matter, material found on the internet as prior art, polymorphs, selection patents, among others.

Together, the four editions already published bring together more than 2,400 decisions on different topics of the Guidelines for Examination of Patent Applications, making them an excellent source for consultation by the BPTO’s users.

The compendium (in Portuguese) can be obtained at:

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