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BPTO discloses the 2023 Action Plan

On April 27, 2023, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) published Ordinance PR No. 15, which presents its 2023 Action Plan. Said document provides information on performance indexes, as well as projects for the year, in accordance with the Strategic Plan 2023-2026.

 The topics below are some of the projects expected to be started in 2023: 

  • automating the patent prosecution flow;
  • standardization and broadening of fast track programs, including the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH);
  • review of trademark examination procedures;
  • drafting examination procedures for (i) recognizing secondary meaning trademarks; and (ii) registering non-traditional marks;
  • consolidation of the Madrid System;
  • automating the industrial design prosecution flow;
  • implementation of the Hague Agreement;
  • use of Artificial Intelligence in prior art searches for examination of patent, industrial design and trademark applications;
  • preparing a survey related to the Lisbon Agreement – which stablishes the registration of geographical indications in foreign countries; and
  • reviewing of the Brazilian Industrial Property Law No. 9,279/1996.

 The 2023 Action Plan is available (in Portuguese) in the link

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