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BPTO celebrates its 50th anniversary.

On the eve of its fiftieth anniversary, on this December 11th, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO)continues tocontributeto the promotion and dissemination of the culture of industrial property to the society.

In order to celebrate this special date, we highlight some important milestones in the BPTO’s evolutionary course:

  • Informatization and digitalization of processes, reducing bureaucracy and bringing greater simplification and legal certainty to the PTO’s procedures;
  • Implementation of tools for electronic petitioning, ensuring that applications are more efficiently and quickly processed in a virtual environment;
  • Creation of a postgraduate program in Intellectual Property and Innovation, aiming at training actions and the multiplication of intellectual property knowledge;
  • Drafting of normative instructions and guidelines for examining patent applications and industrial design applications, promoting transparency and better internal harmonization of procedures and technical examinations;
  • Adopting of priority procedures and pilot projects for examining patent applications;
  • Admission to the Madrid Protocol, stimulating the internationalization of Brazilian marks;
  • Implementation of a plan to combat the backlog of patent applications with examination required and pending of decision;
  • Development of an integrated service platform for users, including ombudsman services, telepresence services, information for citizens and a “contact us”service channel; and
  • A fast adoption of emergency modality of “working from home”, allowing its activities to continue uninterrupted in face of the changes brought by the pandemic scenario.

We at Murta Goyanes congratulate everyone at the BPTO for their efforts in promoting greater transparency and contributing to the country’s socioeconomic development over these 50 years.