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Ancine establishes priority rules for the analysis of audiovisual projects

The National Film Agency – ANCINE´s recently published Ordinance 611-E/202 establishes criteria and procedures for submissions of priority requests for the analysis of audiovisual projects with public resources.

Interested parties may request priority analysis in the following cases: (1) for the release of incentive resources, after approval of the project’s execution, and (2) for the execution and contracting of resources from the Audiovisual Sectoral Fund (FSA), in two situations, the first one for projects that have concluded the filming stage, or that have already started or are scheduled to start within 120 days of the request, and the second one for projects with a commercial release in at least ten theaters or TV broadcast within 120 days of the request.

Priority treatment will remain in effect until the publication of the project in the Federal Official Gazette, the actual release of the incentive resources or the sending of the project for contracting by the FSA’s financial agent, as the case may be.

Furthermore, it is important to note that it will also be possible for the project’s investors to carry out the priority application procedure themselves, by submitting a list of projects they have invested in.

The Ordinance has a six-month term and revokes the Board of Directors’ Deliberations No. 930-E, 560-E and 503-E of 2020.

The priority analysis form is available at the end of the Ordinance and can be found on ANCINE’s official website.