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Fiocruz develops low complexity and efficient equipment for air filtration in ICUs.

The team of the Infrastructure General Cordination of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation´s Campi (‘Fiocruz’) has developed an efficient and low cost equipment for air treatment in Intensive Care Units (‘ICU’).

The development of such device was motivated by emergency of sanitary crisis due to covid-19 pandemic, aiming at meeting the demands for this type of equipment at needy locations in Brazil.   

The equipment is capable of providing treated air to an area of 15 m2 and has shelf-life of up to four months, meeting the standards of the Brazilian Association of Standards (‘ABNT’) regarding the amount and quality of supplied air. After the patent granting in June, Fiocruz seeks partnerships for manufacturing, distribution and installation of the equipment in hospital units.

 More information is available at,872006/fiocruz-desenvolve-sistema-de-tratamento-de-ar-emergencial-para-utis.shtml.