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US Supreme Court maintains legal prohibition on robocalls to cell phones.

In a recent decision issued by the United States Supreme Court, the prohibition established by the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act on robocalls to cell phones was maintained. The constitutionality of such law was challenged by political consultants for allegedly violating the First Amendment to the North American Constitution, due to an addendum included in 2015 that created an exception to the ban on calls of this nature, directed at calls that aimed at collecting debts from citizens by the government.

According to the understanding of the majority of the Court, the issue raised in the case regarding the alleged unequal treatment established by the law could be solved by severing the exception included in 2015, instead of declaring the text as unconstitutional in its entirety.

According to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, American citizens would disagree on several issues, but would mostly agree on their disdain about robocalls. In the federal sphere alone, the US government reportedly received approximately 3.7 million complaints in 2019 about calls of this nature, which can receive fines of up to USD 1,500.

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