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Decree 10.411/2020 regulates the Analysis of the Regulatory Impact (‘AIR’).

The Official Gazette (‘DOU’), published on July 1st, 2020, the Decree 10.411/2020, regulating the Analysis of the Regulatory Impact (‘AIR’) within the scope of the federal government, which effects will entry into force as from 15 April 2021.

The AIR is the procedure that, from the definition of a regulatory problem, makes a prior assessment to the edition of the normative acts, with information and data on its likely effects, in order to verify the reasonableness of the impact and subsidize the decision making.

In addition, AIR has other purposes:

 Improving regulatory quality, contributing to the transparency of the regulatory process and to the dialogue between the government, the regulated sector and society in general;

  • Guiding and supporting, based on evidence and in a robust and transparent manner, decision making;
  • Contributing so that the regulator’s performance is effective, operative and efficient;
  • Increasing transparency and understanding of regulatory action;
  • Providing greater technical strength and predictability to regulatory action; and
  • Contributing to the continuous improvement of the results of regulatory activities.

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