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The National Film Agency promotes the updating of the budgetary, financial and operational data of the Audiovisual Sectoral Fund.

The National Film Agency (ANCINE) recently announced the publication of information on the Audiovisual Sectoral Fund (FSA) website regarding the Fund’s management and budget execution, in order to improve transparency in the management of public resources used to finance audiovisual operations. The data provided includes the FSA’s budget execution statements, detailing the resources made available and disbursed, in the Financing, Investment and Support modalities, between 2007 to April 2020.

ANCINE also made available an updated list containing the audiovisual projects under analysis for investment contracting by the FSA. The list, which includes 710 projects, mostly related to the year 2018, totals an estimated investment of R$ 500 million. These projects, however, are still subject to preliminary analysis in the contracting stage.

In addition, as provided in the Public Note of June 5, 2020, it is estimated that approximately R$ 440 million are still committed in the selection or allocation phases for different lines, amounting almost R$ 944 million in commitments assumed by the FSA.

Finally, the Agency published the list of projects contracted between the years 2018 and 2019, related to the 2018 annual investment plan. The data show that there was no interruption in the FSA’s development operation during 2019, even after the adoption of the corrective measures announced by the Public Note, after realizing that the resources were insufficient to fulfill the commitments assumed during the year.

According to ANCINE, “the Agency is still working on further operational and budgetary adjustments of the Fund, for the proper application and monitoring of public resources, as well as for the preservation of the sector’s activities.”