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Brazil takes part of global network for manufacturing of vaccines against COVID-19.

At the beginning of June 2020, a task force for manufacturing vaccines, tests and treatments against COVID-19, at a proper scale for assisting all countries was announced. Brazil, Norway, Portugal, Argentina, and South Africa are among the 30 participating countries.

Said task force, coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and referred as C-TAP, will allow the sharing of information and access to technologies, by acting at public disclosure of genetic sequencing; transparency of publishing clinical trials; licensing of treatment, diagnosis, vaccine or any other health-related technology for Medicines Patent Pool (public health organization supported by UN); incentive to open innovation models and technology transfer; as well as inclusion of clauses stipulating equitable distribution, accessibility and publishing of clinical trials data in financing agreements for pharma companies and startups.

The WHO has not informed the role of Brazil in this international cooperation yet, neither if there is a calendar for the next steps. However, according to Bio-Manguinhos Immunobiological Technology Institute’s senior scientific consultant, Akira Homma, Brazil might participate, at least, of vaccines development (such as phase 3 clinical tests), and large-scale product manufacturing phases.

In addition, Akira Homma also states that many researches made in Brazil have potential to be included in the patent pool. Partnerships between these Brazilian institutions and foreign research groups might further accelerate the necessary studies.

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