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BPTO and CAS consolidate technical cooperation agreement for optimizing examination of patent applications.

On June 10, 2020, a Technical Cooperation Agreement (ACT) was issued between the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) and CAS, non-profitable division of American Chemical Society.

Aiming at improving the workflow related to examination of patent applications, such agreement stablishes the participation of BPTO in a CAS’s pilot Search Report, wherein a technology capable of verifying similarities between a patent application and the state of art will be tested and optimized. Said system combines machine learning and human-selected data, providing better results.

The partnership INPI-CAS was announced on January 08, 2019. According to the BPTO’s patents, software and topography of integrated circuits director, Liane Lage, the cooperation between both institutions would assist examiners throughout the technical examination of patent applications. A similar opinion was expressed by the former BPTO’s director, Luis Otávio Pimentel, stating that CAS’s technology would assist examiners to obtain relevant scientific information, a significant progress toward the reduction of prosecution timeframe related to patent applications.

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