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After one year under new administration, the BPTO shows expressive results.

After a year under the management of the President Cláudio Vilar Furtado, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) highlights the following achievements:

  • BPTO’s preparation for Brazil’s adherence to the Madrid Protocol. As from October 2, 2019, costs have been reduced and registration of Brazilian companies’ brands has been simplified in the 122 countries members of the international trademark treaty.
  • Implementation of the Backlog Combat Plan, which managed to reduce the patent backlog by 12% in just five months (between August and December, 2019). The goal is to reduce the queue by 80% in 2021.
  • Starting of Phase II of the intellectual property program maintained at the BPTO with resources from the Prosperity Fund – British Government cooperation fund, aiming at increasing the office’s efficiency.
  • Creation of the IP Digital Plan, which aims to improve access to BPTO’s services and information.
  • Launch of the E-Chip module for electronic applications of integrated circuit topographies. As a result, 100% of the BPTO’s services are now offered electronically.
  • Reinforcement of the information and communication technology infrastructure, with investment in new equipment for greater capacity and security of data and system storage. The action stems from a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency (ABDI).
  • Expansion of the teleworking program and creation of work programs by task and semi-presence.

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