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Bill of Law No. 5497/19 intends to extend the deadline for mandatory commercial exhibition of Brazilian films in theaters until 2031.

The federal deputy Marcelo Calero presented the Bill of Law No. 5497/19, which extends the term of mandatory commercial exhibition of Brazilian cinematographic works, commonly known as “screen quota”, until 2031.

According to the deputy, “the screen quota is a relevant legal mechanism for the protection and promotion of cultural diversity, textually provided in the main international trade agreements and it is present in the Brazilian legal system since the early 1930s.”

Through the screen quota, Brazilian movie theaters are compelled to exhibit Brazilian films for a minimum number of days. If the minimum requirement is not achieved, a 5% fine will apply over the average daily gross revenue of the movie theater, multiplied by the days in which the quota was not respected.

The purpose of the initiative is to ensure the presence of Brazilian cultural goods in movie theaters. The Culture commissions; Science and Technology, Communication and Informatics; Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship will analyze the Bill of Law in a conclusive nature, so that deliberation by the Plenary is dismissed.