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The Brazilian National Film Agency (“ANCINE”) launched a public consultation regarding the Regulatory Analysis Report on the Video-on-Demand (VoD) market, drafted by ANCINE.  The Report encompasses different topics related to the Brazilian VoD sector, including aspects of the Brazilian market, regulation, the legal and institutional organization of the VoD service, the offer of Brazilian content, in addition to documents that bring an overview of international experiences on the matter.

Video-on-demand is a form of audiovisual media distribution that allows the user to choose when to watch the content. According to ANCINE, VoD is a “service with its own characteristics, which contrast with those of other segments, despite the similar points and competition between the media and the internal differences that reflect its multifaceted and flexible business network”.  

The public consultation will be available until October 14, 2019, and prior registration with ANCINE’s Public Consultation System is required for participation. More information is available at