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On July 31, 2019, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) announced the IP Digital Plan, which resulted from the cooperation between the Special Secretariat of Productivity, Employment and Competition, the Secretariat of Digital Government of the Ministry of Economy and the Special Secretariat of State Modernization.

The new project aims at updating the BPTO’s actions through the implementation of a digital service system. The plan consists of 24 measures, including the creation of an app for the BPTO’s reports and news, the unification of registrations of users through the Digital Government Secretariat mechanism, as well as the use of a new system that allows digital payments and scheduling of assistance by internet.

In addition, the BPTO will incorporate new technologies to its services, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms. Such technologies will be used through a new chatbot service to assist users with any questions and in the interface of the BPTO’s website, which will be adapted according to each individual’s access.

The expectation of the federal authority is that the initiative will foster the right of access to information and provide greater transparency about the information stored. In addition, the IP Digital Plan addresses the interests of the Federal Government by enabling and integrating people’s access to digital public services provided by the Digital Citizenship Platform.

More information, in Portuguese, is available at