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The Ministry of Citizenship, by means of the Special Secretariat of Culture, opened a public consultation for civil society to propose amendments to Law 9,610/98 (“Copyright Law”), aiming at adapting the Copyright Law to new technologies.

All citizens, private associations and class entities may participate in the public consultation until August 28, 2019. The Ministry will assure confidentiality of the contributions.

The Copyright Law entered into force in late 90’s, when the Internet indicated its first signs of growth in Brazil. In 2010, the Ministry of Culture opened the first public consultation seeking to reform the Copyright Law, which resulted in the enactment of Law 12,853/13, that increased the transparency related to the Central Office of Collection and Distribution of Copyrights (ECAD)’s activities and regulated the collective management of copyrights in Brazil.

Until now, the Copyright Law has not been changed to reflect the technological advances caused by digital media. The Government’s initiative seems to follow a global tendency to adjust legislations to new forms of online sharing of content, as well as the current panorama of the creative economy, similar to the issuance of the new European Copyright Directive in April 2019.

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