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During the solemnity of 200 days of his government, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced that he plans to transfer the National Film Agency – ANCINE to Brasília, in order to have more control over the agency. Last week, President’s spokesman declared that the government will no longer sponsor productions that are incompatible with the traditional ethical and moral values of society, but denied censorship.

The government also issued recently Decree No. 9,919/2019, which transfers the Brazilian Superior Council of Cinema from the Ministry of Citizenship to the Civil House (Chief of Staff Office). In addition, the Brazilian Superior Council of Cinema had a reduction in members who are part of the film industry (from 6 to 3 members) and representatives of civil society, which fell from 3 to 2 members. Members appointed to the Brazilian Superior Council of Cinema by former President Michel Temer were maintained in the office. Moreover, the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund may be transferred from ANCINE’s commands to those of the Brazilian Ministry of Citizenship.

Despite the changes, the Brazilian Audiovisual Office, an important political sector, was not affected. According to Decree No. 9,674, the Brazilian Audiovisual Office remains responsible for “proposing, elaborating and supervising, subject to the competencies of the Brazilian Superior Council of Cinema, the public policy for the audiovisual sector with supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of its execution.” Also, the Screen Quotas Rule (Cota de Tela), a rule that requires Brazilian films to be exhibited in cinemas, is still waiting to be updated by decree. According to a statement of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, the decree would have already been finalized since May 2019, and was only waiting publication.