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Client Alert: The National Film Agency will resume its regular operation after the Federal Audit Court issued a new decision.

The National Film Agency (ANCINE) published an announcement on May 17, 2019 informing that it will resume its regular operation.

Such announcement was published a few hours after the Federal Audit Court (TCU) issued a decision in response to ANCINE’s appeal for clarification. The decision clarified TCU’s recommendations related to the accountability process, and informed that the audiovisual sector should not be stopped or suffer any kind of harm. As a result, ANCINE’s activities that had been suspended provisionally shall now return to normality, including the approval of new projects and the first release of resources.

However, ANCINE still needs to implement an action plan for the analysis of the accountability reports of all project approved since 2015.

ANCINE’s announcement was published in its website, in Portuguese, at

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