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Twitter must delete a federal representative´s post that linked youtuber Felipe Neto to the Suzano massacre

The 1st Civil State Court of Rio de Janeiro granted a preliminary injunction1 ordering the removal of a tweet posted by the federal representative Carlos Jordy, which has linked youtuber Felipe Neto to the massacre occurred at the State School Professor Raul Brasil, in Suzano, Brazil.

In the tweet, the federal representative said: “When I say that parents should not let their children watch videos of Felipe Neto, it’s not a joke. In 2016 he made a video teaching to access deep web sites. Now they found out that Suzano’s murderers got the information for the massacre on one of the sites after watching the video“.

The youtuber claimed that he had never taught the subscribers, most of whom are underage, to access the deep web. Moreover, considering that he is currently one of the most popular Brazilian digital influencers, the publication would have caused damages to his image and honor.

The court granted the preliminary injunction request, taking into consideration the likelihood of prevailing on the merits and risk of irreparable harm to the image of the youtuber. The judge ordered Twitter to delete the post within 48 hours, subject to a daily fine of approximately USD 270.

1 Lawsuit No. 0010496-77.2019.8.19.0209