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The Brazilian National Film Agency (“ANCINE”) published last week the Management Report for 2018. The report was restructured seeking a more appropriate communication to the general public, in accordance with the Federal Audit Court’s instructions.

According to ANCINE, the new Management Report answers the two main questions of public interest: (i) why does ANCINE exist?”; and (ii) “What does ANCINE do?”.

The report also contains the strategic planning for the quadrennium 2017-2020, focusing on: (i) development of a sustainable audiovisual industry; (ii) circulation and access of content produced in Brazil; and (iii) regulation and supervision of the audiovisual sector. The document also informs the allocations and budget executions of 2018 financial year.

ANCINE also highlighted the main challenges for the coming years, which include keeping in good operation all of ANCINE’s structure, despite of unfavorable economic scenario and the financial restrictions; breaking paradigms to improve the quality and transparency of public spending; as well as to improve the budgetary and financial administration of the agency.

The full report is available, in Portuguese, at