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The Brazilian audiovisual sector has a new Co-Production Agreement between Brazil and Italy, which will be used by the National Film Agency (ANCINE) for analyzing and recognizing co-production audiovisual projects between both countries.

The new agreement was approved on November 14, 2018, through Presidential Decree No. 9,563, and replaces and updates the Co-production Agreement executed between Brazil and Italy in 1970. The new agreement introduces, among other changes, the reduction of the percentage of mandatory financial participation of the minority party in the co-production (from 30% to 20%), and the possibility of exceptional approval of co-productions with different participations, provided that the contribution of the minority co-producer is not less than 10% of the budget of the co-produced project.

According to ANCINE, the new agreement brings greater dynamisms to the integration between Brazilian and Italian producers, fostering new co-productions between the two countries.

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